Instagram – it’s a powerful tool and if used correctly, will absolutely increase traffic to your business, grow your web presence and even help you convert those leads into clients! I bet you didn’t know that there are over 600 million users! Of those users, 50% of them are following at least one business – yes, that’s 300 million users, and 75% take an action after viewing an Instagram advertising post, “like visiting a website, searching, shopping or telling a friend.” I know, my mind was blown – but it’s no secret!

I wanted to take some time today to share a few things that have worked for me and my business and how these simple steps may help you!

Consistency! Consistency! Consistency!
Let’s think of your Instagram as your portfolio. You want it to flow – and catch the eye of your dream client! My dream client loves to travel, spends their Sunday’s brunching, appreciates classic style, gorgeous green tones, and a yummy cocktail! So you can find my feed full of couples in love, romantic details and an overall classic feel to my photos. One way that helps me organize my feed is by using a planning tool! I absolutely love Planoly! I’ve also heard that using the VSCO app can help you organize and keep a consistent feel to your photos!

Check Your Lighting!
People love to get a glimpse into the day in the life of _____! That doesn’t mean you have to have your DSLR camera glued to your hand day and night. However, in order to create quality photos using your phone, while still keeping the consistency that we talked about earlier, the lighting is the most important part. Try using morning/dusk or overcast lighting when shooting your BTS details! My favorite time to shoot is early in the morning or during an overcast day and this applies to both my professional and personal life!

Skip the Filter!
Circling back to consistency, I see so many people add an Instagram filter on top of their already, edited photos. Try picking one filter to then edit from there. In order to build trust among your clients, your feed has to feel consistent. In order to keep your feed consistent, you have to limit the amount of filters you use, overall! If you want to keep your feed simple and bright, keep it that way. If you are drawn to a moodier aesthetic, stick to it and perfect it. Trust me, it’s key.

Post. Post at least once a day. Posting once a day gets you noticed by more people. Getting noticed by more people will eventually mean you will be noticed by potential clietns! Don’t have time? Planning app to the rescue!

Create Content
One of my biggest life savers was creating content weeks in advance and using my handy dandy planning app to schedule posts. I’m not kidding. I take a day to create swoon-worthy images, edit them all and plan them out. This not only helps you stay interesting but gives you different content to post without feeling like you are scrambling for images. Participating in styled shoots was also key in attracting my ideal clients. I created content that I knew would attract my brunching, craft cocktail drinking romantics! If you’re looking for an awesome way to build content in a curated setting, check out:

The Styled Experience

It’s a brand new way to let photographers do what they love – shoot! It may also help you attract some of those dream clients!

Five Ways to Attract Your Dream Client on Instagram